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A Spring Cleaning Lesson

Decluttering your home through spring cleaning is a great way to give your family a fresh start. If you will be enlisting your children’s help this year, The Tutoring Center, Allen TX has prepared some tips on how the task can also be a teaching platform.

Managing Competing Priorities

The skills you use when creating and refining your spring cleaning list can be valuable for your children to learn.
  • Teach them the techniques you use to create your list and remember each item.
  • Show your considerations when estimating how long each item will take.
  • As you prioritize your list, explain not only your process but also the importance of the step.
  • When putting it all together, don't only share your thoughts but also invite their input.
This is both a great practical lesson on time-management and a basic framework for your students to utilize when managing competing priorities at school.

Basic Math

For younger children, your large appliances and furniture items can be a great way to help learn measuring and basic calculations. Instead of sliding your furniture around slightly while you clean, ask your children to measure each of the large items and then, using this information, locate a suitable temporary space for these items. During this task, even if you can see that your child’s calculations are incorrect, help them to move an item and let them see for themselves that it won’t fit. A practical lesson like this is a great way to help them improve.

Tutoring Can Help Your Child Improve Their Grades

If your child could benefit from a little more homework help than you are able to provide, one-to-one tutoring can help. Learn more about the benefits of tutoring during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Allen TX by calling (214) 383-4000.


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