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We are surrounded by media, from TV to social media, to the radio, newspaper, videos, text messages, and so on. For children, media use starts earlier than with past generations, reason as to why it’s vital to teach them media literacy. Media literacy is the ability to understand the messages from different types of media and the effects they have. Learn about some of the benefits of children learning media literacy in this article by The Tutoring Center, Allen, TX.

Learning to Question and to Analyze

When it comes to media, developing critical thinking and the ability to analyze what we are seeing is very important. By questioning the content they consume, children can form an opinion about what they see as well as decide whether they feel the information is credible or not. Analyzing allows children to understand the influence information can have and therefore be able to make informed choices.

Better Prepared for the Future

Media and technology develop a more prominent role in our lives as time goes by. Now, most careers require students to know technical skills and to be familiar with the way the digital world functions. By learning media literacy from a young age, children will have an advantage and will be better prepared for the world and the future that awaits them.

Being Responsible When Creating

Learning how to create content responsibly is as important as learning how to consume it. Media literacy allows children to understand the context of different media content as well as the intention and effects they have. This allows children to see the big picture and know they have to be responsible when they create content. It also allows them to learn how to communicate their point of view around a specific topic.

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