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Children hear new words every day. The more words they hear daily, the more they learn and absorb, so if you want to expand your child’s vocabulary even more, there are simple activities you can do together to help them. In this article by The Tutoring Center, Allen, TX, you can learn about easy ways to help your child learn new words every day.

Encourage Storytelling

Ask your child to tell you a story or even describe their day. Children normally use a lot of words to describe an action or a thing that they don’t know what to call. While hearing them, try and teach your child words they can use to better say the things they are trying to say. For example, your child may say something like “today I saw a really big apple tree” and you can tell them to say “today I saw an enormous apple tree”. If you do this often, your child will start asking you by themselves what words they can use to describe a thing or a situation.

Practice Rhymes

Practicing rhymes is a fun and entertaining activity that can be very beneficial for learning new words. Rhyming makes your child think about words that have to do with each other. You can start with popular rhymes like “there once was a cat that ate a rat, and after that sat on a yellow mat”, and then ask your child to make up their own rhyme. Also, If you ask them to say all the words they know that start with a particular letter, it will make them remember words they know or have heard, but don’t use often. Do this activity with them, so they can hear you say new words they have never heard.

If you want to further expand your child’s vocabulary, tutoring in Allen can help. Enroll your child in one-to-one tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Allen, TX. For more information and to book a free initial diagnosis assessment, call (214) 383-4000.


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