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Taking notes digitally has become a common practice among most students. Although typing can be faster, easier, and more efficient, developing handwriting skills is also vital to improve children's ability to learn. To find out more about the positive impact handwriting can have on your child's learning, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Allen TX.

Handwriting Improves Memory

Writing is the best exercise to strengthen memory! Evidence shows that our brain increases its activity; in other words, it does better at processing information when we handwrite. Therefore, if you want to help your child improve their learning skills, engage them to take notes by hand while studying.

Writing by Hand Enhances Spelling Skills

Handwriting helps children visualize the accurate spelling of even the most challenging words; likewise, spelling helps recognize the sound of each letter's shape. For this reason, writing is crucial to any spelling practice.

Handwriting Improves Reading Skills

When your child writes a letter multiple times, they recognize its shape faster, improving their reading skills. Unlike typing at a keyword, writing requires a deep comprehension of letters and words; therefore, practicing it can positively impact your child's literacy.

Writing is a Creative Tool!

Children can use creative writing to explore the topics they're most into, express their point of view, or tell stories. Grabbing a pen and a paper to create poems, scripts, lyrics, short stories, fiction, and other genres, can enhance their grammar, vocabulary, and narrative skills.

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