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The summer learning slide isn’t an activity you will find at the park, and is instead the cause of many students returning to a new school year to find they are unprepared for their new lessons. To learn more about the subject, The Tutoring Center, Allen, TX has prepared the following post to...

Showing Your Child How Important Math Will Be

As much as your child may not believe it, parents know that the skill not only forms part of their everyday life but how good an adult’s math skills are can help them reduce their living costs and improve their life. If this sounds like a student in...

Our Assistant Instructor, Raymond, is pursuing an Associate degree in Science at Richland College.  He graduated from Plano East Senior High School where he was also in the JROTC program.   Raymond enjoys fishing, listening to music and spending time with his family. 

Q: What is...

Reading Lessons at Home

Your child’s reading level can determine their academic and career paths. For this reason, it’s important to help your child with their reading as early as possible. The Tutoring Center, Allen TX has some tips on how you can do this at home.

Junk Mail

When you got an...

A Spring Cleaning Lesson

Decluttering your home through spring cleaning is a great way to give your family a fresh start. If you will be enlisting your children’s help this year, The Tutoring Center, Allen TX has prepared some tips on how the task can also be a teaching platform.



Head Instructor

Our Head Instructor, Mr. Jonathan, is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science at University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (Statistics) from UTD as well. He loves role-playing games, reading, hiking, and cooking.

Q: What...

When it comes to completing assignments, it’s fair to say that children are not too excited about the task. However, the effort they put in and the grades they achieve can determine their future academic path. The Tutoring Center, Allen TX knows just how important your child’s assignments...
A student's lack of motivation can stem from a number of places. If your child has been feeling unmotivated recently, use these tips to get them excited about school without much frustration.

Tips to Motivate an Unmotivated Student

It's not uncommon for students to feel unmotivated from...
 No matter how big or small, all exams need to be treated with respect as their results can determine your child’s future academic options. However, not all students know how to study effectively.+

Parents can often find themselves in a difficult position in which they want to help their...
If you're a student, then you're surely aware of the importance that notes can have in your academic career. This is because, it is through them that you refresh your knowledge in order to study for your exams. This means that if you don't have good notes, your ability to study successfully and...


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