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We are surrounded by media, from TV to social media, to the radio, newspaper, videos, text messages, and so on. For children, media use starts earlier than with past generations, reason as to why it’s vital to teach them media literacy. Media literacy is the ability to understand the messages...

Ms. Shanna is an educator at heart.  She earns her bachelor’s degree in Spanish K-12 from Southeast Missouri State University.  She has extensive teaching and tutoring experience in Reading Literacy and Spanish. 

Q: Favorite subjects to teach and learn
A:  Spanish,...

What better way to start introducing a healthier lifestyle into your family's routine than to start working out together? There are a lot of activities you can do to enjoy some bonding time and burn some calories along the way. Keep reading this article by The Tutoring Center, Allen, TX, and...

There always needs to be a balance when it comes to screen time, but when used wisely, it can be very beneficial for students. Educational technology is an excellent way of using screen time to develop skills and allow students to have space where they can learn on their own time and about...

Jasmin is pursuing an Associate degree in Science (Pre-Med) at Richland College.  She graduated from Andress High School where she was also a member of Band, Choir, and National Junior Honor Society.   Jasmin enjoys singing, listening to music and spending time with her family. 


Children have many strengths and abilities. It's common to think that talent equals strength, but talent-based strengths are not the only kind there is. Helping children identify their skills and positive character traits can help them have a better view of themselves and learn that they have...

Marnie has master’s degrees in Accounting and Information Systems from University of Texas at Arlington. She also earned a bachelor’s in Economics. She has brought not only her academic skills but also corporate America experiences to The Tutoring Center of Allen. 

Q: What is your favorite...

Concentrating at home can be hard for children, especially after a long day learning in school. Being at home typically means playtime for children, so creating the right study environment is essential to help them get their extra school work done. Read this article by The Tutoring Center,...

Children hear new words every day. The more words they hear daily, the more they learn and absorb, so if you want to expand your child’s vocabulary even more, there are simple activities you can do together to help them. In this article by The Tutoring Center, Allen, TX, you can learn about...

Preparing Your Student for the New School Year

A report card includes much more than just the grade a child earned, it also includes a multitude of notes from their teachers which can help during the summer break. The Tutoring Center, Allen TX has prepared some information on the topic, below.



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